5 Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washers + Buying Guide

most powerful electric pressure washer

What exactly is a pressure washer? The name- most powerful electric pressure washer– gives you a basic clue that some kind of washing material is pressurized. That substance is water.

Water + Pressure = Powerful Cleaning

As we all know that water is a great cleaning agent, imagine what it could do if pressure was applied to it. This is essentially the science behind a pressure washer.

Far Better Than Your Common Garden Hose

If you use a garden hose for cleaning chores in and around your home, you will know that water pours out of your hose with a little bit of pressure. A typical water hose will use 8 gallons of H2O in 60-seconds.

Add A Spray Gun And It Becomes Interesting…..

When you add a water spray gun attachment to the end of the hose something interesting happens. You end up reducing the water flow to roughly 5 gallons per minute. What this does is increase the water pressure which sends the water through the nozzle of the spray gun faster but it reduces the amount of water being used.

1,000 To 4,000 PSI: Choose Your Power…

The most powerful electric power washer does the same thing but amps it up to a maximum water pressure of 1,000 to 4,000 PSI. This powerful increase in water pressure turns your water into a force that can clean surfaces thoroughly, peel paint and stain and generally accomplish things you could only dream of with just a garden hose.

PreviewNameRating Details

AR Blue Clean AR383

3.8 / 5 Stars

3,155 Reviews

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Sun Joe SPX3000

4.3 / 5 Stars

4,034 Reviews

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Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

3.9 / 5 Stars

962 Reviews

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Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer

3.7 / 5 Stars

444 Reviews

Sun Joe SPX3001

4.3 / 5 Stars

411 Reviews

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Terminology Related To Pressure Washers

There are three main terms that are used in relation to measuring water and what it can do under pressure. The most common term used is PSI (as mentioned above). This stands for Pounds Per Square Inch.

If, for example, you are trying to remove stain from a wood deck, you would need a high PSI to achieve this. The higher the PSI indicates the higher the pressure being applied to the water.

Gallons Per Minutes is expressed as GPM. This term measures the surface area that can be cleaned by a pressure washer. As an example, the larger to GPM figure, the greater coverage that can be cleaned by the washer.

The final common term used is CU. This is Cleaning Units. Pressure washers with a higher CU rating will clean faster than those with a lower CU. The formula used to determine CU is PSI x GPM, with the resulting answer being the CU.

The Top Five Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer

Here is a look at what we consider the top five best rated electric pressure washer:

1) AR Blue Clean AR383

This AR Blue Clean AR383 package is complete if you intend to do some quick cleaning of your driveway, outdoor furniture, patio, deck, house siding or vehicle. That’s because it includes a number of useful attachments to make every cleaning job easy.

Choose From The Wide Range Of Attachments

The attachments include a professional-style washer gun, a pair of different pressure washer wands, a 20-foot high pressure hose, a 14-ounce detergent bottle and two high pressure (quick change) wands.

Easy To Assemble And Quiet To Operate…

The AR383 is easy to assemble, just a couple of attachments, and runs quieter than a gas-powered pressure washer. Backed by a one year warranty and US-based customer service. It even has a 35-foot power cord with an auto-reset GFCI plug for safety. Considered as one of the best electric pressure washers for home use, this pressure washer is rated at 1,900 PSI and is a great product for the price!

best rated electric pressure washer

  • High pressure 1900 PSI makes it ideal as a home use pressure washer
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Adjustable wide-angled spray tip
  • Comes with a 20 ft high pressure hose
  • Quieter than engine models using gas fuel

best electric pressure washer reviews

  • Some users find leaks in the plastic hose adapter
  • The plastic hose is stiff and easily tangles
  • Others complain that the motor creates loud noise
most reliable electric pressure washer


2) Sun Joe SPX3000

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is rated at 2,030 PSI/1.76 GPM, and is one of the most reliable electric pressure washers. It comes complete with five different ‘quick connect’ spray tips that can handle just about any cleaning job. The unit is equipped with a Total Stop System which powers down the pump once the trigger is released reducing wear and tear.

Dual Detergent Tanks, Extension Wand, High Pressure Hose And More…

There are dual detergent tanks (.9L each) so you can carry two cleaning solutions at all times. There’s a 34-inch extension spray wand, a 20-foot high pressure hose, 35-foot power cord, garden hose adaptor and the pressure washer has rear wheels which make it easy to maneuver.

The manufacturer states this is the best domestic pressure washer on the market, and you can use this product for all your cleaning jobs including driveways, patios, decks, equipment, buildings, structures, vehicles and pretty much anything that gets dirty – except the family dog or cat.

Thermal Sensor Prevents Overheating

There’s also an integrated quick connect hose reel which has a foldable hand crank built into the design. The brush motor has a thermal sensor which protects it from getting damaged from overheating.

Tack on a complete two year warranty and you’ve got a workhorse in your shed or garage with this at your fingertips as the best pressure washer for houses waiting to save the day…. A good spring clean to spruce up the outside of your house is always a good idea as part of your property care plan.

highest psi electric pressure washer

  • 5 interchangeable quick connect spray tips
  • 14.5 amp motor that generates 2030 PSI
  • Comes with two 0.9 liter detergent tanks
  • Total Stop System trigger for safety lock
  • 20 ft high pressure hose

highest rated electric power washer

  • A number of users find the position of garden hose in front and pressure hose at the back doesn’t work well
  • The hose connector is made of plastic and does not fit other standard hoses
  • Some users want a longer power cord
best domestic pressure washer



3) Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

Featuring an easy to use system that requires only 30-seconds to set up, this product is well worth taking a second look, the Ivation Electric pressure washer. With a rating of 2,200 PSI/1.8 GPM, one of the highest psi electric pressure washers, there is some mighty powerful cleaning juice in this model.

5 Interchangeable High & Low Pressure Nozzles

It comes with five interchangeable high and low-pressure nozzles and a turbo wand. Included in the design is the Total Stop System which shuts the unit down when the trigger is released. There is an optional self-suction and soap dispenser and a one year warranty.

Blast Off Grime And More Anywhere You Need To…

The manufacturer says this is by far the best electric power washer for home uses, making it ideal for cleaning all kinds of vehicles, homes, decks, patios, driveways and anything else you want to blast away dirt and grime from.

pressure washer for car wash

  • Incredible cleaning power from a 1800 watt motor producing 2,200 PSI pressure
  • Easy to set-up, takes only 30 seconds
  • 5 high and low interchangeable nozzles
  • Features Total Stop System (TSS) for safety
  • Comes with soap dispenser and optional self suction

most powerful electric power washer

  • A number of users complained the package arrived with pieces missing
  • Others find the hose short and stiff
  • The user manual can be improved
best small electric pressure washer


4) Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher K3 Followe-Me is a real interesting pressure washer. The name “follow-me’ should give you a bit of an idea that this product sits on 4 wheels. In fact, it is the only 4 wheeled electric pressure washer currently in the marketplace.

4 Wheels Give You The Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer Stability Wherever You Are..

The wheels make it capable to be placed into just about any location with ease. Aside from the wheels, Karcher gave this a quick connect system.

One of the highest rated electric power washer, it is rated at 1,800 PSI/1.3 GPM and features a Vario Power Spray wand, maintenance free, non-corrosive N-Cor pump, an integrated fine mesh water filter and something the manufacturer calls a Rapid Exchange Program warranty.

Bonus Dirtblaster Wand

There’s also a bonus Dirtblaster spray wand – valued at $30 – included in the kit. Based on the best electric pressure washer reviews, this is recommended for use on anything you need to clean fast and with a lot less elbow grease than a bucket and a sponge. Driveways, sidewalks, vehicles, decks, patios and more! Karcher is quite possibly the most well known brand name in this niche.

top 10 electric pressure washers

  • The only 4-wheeled electric pressure washer out in the market
  • 1700 PSI, 1.3 GPM Pressure washer
  • Comes with a “Dirtblaster” spray wand that handles the hardest cleaning job in short time
  • 2 nozzle tips, 15-degree for high pressure, 65-degree for low-pressure application
  • With onboard detergent tank

2500 psi electric pressure washer

  • A number of users felt psi wasn’t really 1800psi
  • Others felt the plastic used was a cheap non durable plastic
  • Wheels weren’t secure

best karcher electric pressure washer


5) Sun Joe SPX3001

Here’s a slight upgrade from the SPX3000 model that has a few more bells and whistles in comparison, the Sun Joe SPX3001.

2,030 PSI Which Includes A Detergent Tank

First off, it has the same 2,030 PSI/1.76 GPM rating as the SPX3000, one of the highest rated electric power washers.

There’s an onboard hose reel and the Total Stop System. It has an extra large onboard detergent tank (40.6 fluid ounce/1.2 litre) and a 34-inch extension spray wand. Plus, there are wheels on the rear of the unit to make it easy to move around.

5 Quick Connect Tips To Cover Every Cleaning Need

There are a total of five different quick connect spray tips included and a full two year warranty. Suggested uses for this most powerful electric power washer includes cleaning of decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, siding, vehicles and anything else you need to give a fast clean with the best domestic pressure washer.

best electric pressure washer for the money

  • Best 2000 psi electric pressure washer motor that generates 2030 PSI for maximum cleaning power
  • 5 easy to connect spray tips for low to heavy duty cleaning tasks
  • Comes with 20 ft high pressure hose
  • Equipped with Total Stop System (TSS) for safety and energy saving
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • CSA approved

are electric pressure washers good

  • A number of customers complained about the poorly designed plastic
    hose reel
  • Some users find the pressure washer not powerful enough
  • The unit is not very sturdy
are electric power washers any good


Different Pressure Washer Grades

As you do your research, you’ll see which categories the most powerful electric pressure washers fit into. The three basic varieties. These different categories of pressure washers have a great deal to do with the type of work you are using them for. The categories are: Consumer, Semi-Pro and Professional.

a) Consumer Grade Pressure Washers

Aside from being the most affordable of the lot according to the best electric pressure washer reviews, consumer grade washers are specifically designed for those of us who want to tackle some of these chores ourselves. They come with a consumer engine and a consumer-grade pump.

This is a formal way of saying the washer will have enough power to wash the car regularly or the siding on the house once a year. Consumer grade models are not intended for daily use but are great pressure washer for car wash. Read reviews of the best jet washer for cars to have an idea of what products are hot in the market.

b) Semi-Pro Grade Pressure Washers

As the next step up from Consumer Grade, Semi-Pro washers cost a little more but will also do a little bit more. They are considered the ‘bridge’ between Consumer and Professional grade pressure washers because of how they are built.

Semi-Pro models are either a combination of a consumer engine and a professional pump or the combination of a professional engine and a consumer pump. They are also intended for regular use, thus this type is the best electric pressure washer for home use. A number of best jet washer for cars can be classified as semi-pro grade.

c) Professional Grade Pressure Washers

The top of the heap, the best rated electric pressure washer, is reserved for Professional Grade Washers. Professional pressure washer for sale will cost more than Consumer and Semi-Pro models and will pull a lot more weight as well. Constructed with a professional engine and a professional pump, these most reliable electric pressure washers are meant for serious jobs that require steady use – everyday if required.

The simple difference to note is that daily use of a consumer model will burn the engine out faster. The Professional models can handle the regular use.

Where To Use An Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers do not have as much power as gas-powered models. However, the best electric power washer for home use is great to use on small decks and patios for washing and cleaning. They do an excellent job on outdoor furniture, washing the siding of your home and cleaning sidewalks or driveways of debris. Here is short tutorial on how to use one….

If you are looking for the best pressure washer for a house that is meant for cleaning and not stain removal, then an electric model will do the job. As for washing the car, you can use a pressure washer for a car wash, but be aware that the higher the PSI, the greater the risk of damaging vehicle paint. Here is a short guide to washing a house…

Advantages Of An Electric Pressure Washer

There are several advantages to electric washers that may not be immediately obvious just by looking over specifications. These units are lightweight, run quietly (about 78 dBA), are low maintenance to operate and release no exhaust emissions. Because of their smaller size they are easy to store indoors and do not need winterizing.

They also start and stop with a trigger handle. Because they produce less pressure than gas models, they will be a little slower in cleaning and have plastic wands and nozzles. Curious about what are the benefits of using a gas powered pressure washer?

Features Of An Electric Pressure Washer

There are a few things to watch for when shopping for the best hot water pressure washer. An on board soap tank will make any job easier than having one separate. Tool storage is useful for keeping nozzles and wands nearby and cord storage is an obvious help.

Adjustable nozzles can save you extra time switching out different nozzles. However, different nozzles can provide greater cleaning options including spray angles. It really depends on your specific needs.

The Safety Section

Alright, you’ve gotten this far. Once you purchase professional pressure washer for sale you will need to properly protect yourself when using it. A safe user is an uninjured user.

Some of the added items you will want to add to your garage or shed to go with your washer include: safety glasses or goggles, proper footwear and hearing protection (particularly with gas models).


What To Look For In An Electric Pressure Washer

The main features that will add value to your purchase include different spray nozzles, additional wands, an extra long power cord (35 feet is normal) and a large capacity detergent tank. Additional selling features will not always rest with the PSI or GPM ratings.

You will make a better choice if you approach the process with an idea in your mind on what you will actually use a pressure washer for. Is it for home-use or for a professional cleaning job. Once you determine the precise grade for your needs, the choices will be easier to sort out.

Quick Connect Fittings Are An Advantage

Quick connect connections make switching between attachments faster, but does not improve the quality of the cleaning job. Different nozzle angles will provide you with additional cleaning options and may be better for you than an adjustable wand. The Total Stop System is a great safety feature and extends the life of the engine and pump of your pressure washer by shutting the unit off automatically when the trigger is released.

Road Test Before You Buy The Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer….

Before you start to kick the tires of electric pressure washers, do some home work. Ask around to find out if there is someone who has the best hot water pressure washer you can talk to. Ask them the questions you need answered about the cleaning ability of one.

Take an up close look at one in operation and get the feel for what a pressure washer can do. Ask for recommendations and ask the question, “What do you like/dislike most about this pressure washer?”

Not every home owner requires the highest psi electric pressure washer because they do not need one for the chores they do around their residence. Others could save a lot of time, effort – and water – by investing in a washer. If you are one of the latter home or business owners, this information is designed with you in mind.

We will show you different models, include reviews and even offer tips on how to properly clean the things you want to clean with your most powerful electric pressure washer you’ve chosen. We are glad you found us! How can we help you today?

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