Benefits of Using a Power Washer For Professional Cleaning Job

Benefits of Using a Power Washer For Professional Cleaning JobThe many benefits of using a power washer…..If you own a home the chances are good that you’ve probably noticed something very interesting that happens throughout the year.

Your home gets dirty! It accumulates dirt from rain showers, windy conditions, and many other factors that can leave your home looking filthy and your driveway looking green and possibly covered with moss.
Using the most powerful electric pressure washers come in handy for sprucing up your house and odd jobs.

Save Time, Reduce Mess With A Power Washer

There are a few ways to fix these issues, but most of them would involve heavy scrubbing, back-breaking labor, and hour after hour spent washing the same area with little to no result…

What we want is a powerful and fast solution to get the job done with a minimum of time spent and the least amount of mess! Manual labor is not quite enough when it comes to getting dirt off of a house or a driveway. This is why power washing your home has become the most popular and singularly useful method in the past few decades.

The Benefits Of Using A Power Washer…

A power washer is just what it sounds like, a gas or electric-powered machine that fires a powerful stream of concentrated water at whatever you want to clean off. This machine hooks up to your garden hose and uses the water to clean your home. How powerful each machine is depends on the psi, or pressure per square inch. The greater the psi, the more powerful the washer will be.

The Higher The PSI- The More Power….

good pressure washer for home

For instance, if you rent or purchase a moderately powerful washer at around 1800 psi, it will have a definite kick, but it won’t be so forceful that you’ll lose control. The higher the psi of the machine the more likely you’ll need to exert more force to keep it under control.

Washers that operate at 3000 psi or greater are bound to be a handful and are most often used for industrial-grade jobs. It pays to know what type of job you have and how much power you’ll need to get it done.

Cleaning Convenience When You Need To Get The Job Done Now

It’s convenient to have this machine in your garage ready to go whenever it’s needed, but it’s not absolutely necessary.For a relatively inexpensive price, a lot of home improvement stores will rent power washers.

The machine itself can be quite expensive depending on the brand or model, and the upkeep can be just as pricey considering that parts do wear out just like any other machine. But the benefits of having one in your home far outweigh any negatives.

How Often Will You Need To Use One?

There are only so many times per year that you will actually need to use a power washer, and during those times it helps if you don’t have to beat feet down to the local Home Depot or Lowes to see if they have one in stock.

For a few hundred $$$ to a couple thousand for a top of the line commercial model, this machine will pay for itself throughout the years. How much you spend usually depends on the psi, the brand, and what kind of job you need to get done.

Home Or Commercial Use?

As an example, normal homes usually only need a good power washer for home use that can kick out anywhere from 1800 to 2400 psi. This is quite standard for the average power washer, and is usually what is recommended for home use. The best power washer for patios in the 1800 to 2400 psi range will rapidly wash away ingrained dirt from pets, muddy feet and winter wear.

If you have a  building business, or other heavy duty job to take on, something more powerful might be needed. This is where gas powered models would be the best bet. Knowing the type of job you’re trying to accomplish is always useful when looking to buy a power washer.

You can choose between buying a cold or hot water top rated pressure washer with detergent, or one which uses cold water only. Hot water power washer reviews show they are incredibly useful for quickly removing grease or oil spots. As we know, hot water cleans more quickly than cold. However it all depends if you have access to hot water….

Knowing Your Power Washer

A power washer is a very simple machine. It has an engine, hose attachments, specialized hoses that are to only be used for the machine. There is a long, wand-like apparatus with a gun attachment that features a convenient handle to grip. Plus there are several different tips to use for different types of jobs.

Most power washers are either electric first followed by gas-powered models and in theory are no different than lawn mower engines. They require power, oil and gas to operate, and they generally are started with a switch or a pull cord.

To Operate A Power Washer It’s Important To:

1) Make sure the hoses are all firmly attached and the water is turned on. Trying to start the washer without water already running through it is not a good idea and will eventually damage the machine.

2) Make certain the ON switch is engaged.  Otherwise the hardest work you’ll do is getting the machine to start.

3) Squeeze the trigger on the gun. This relieves any built-up pressure and can allow a smoother, more even pull to start the machine.

4) Aim the gun away from other people. The psi is often enough to injure a person if they stand too close. It’s recommended to make certain that the gun is facing well away from any person or valuables before being triggered.

5) Use both hands. Even with a low psi there is a definite kick that will force your gun hand backward. It is important to control the gun to achieve maximum control.

When To Use A Power Washer

benefits of using a power washer for removing flaking paint

Typically you’ll want to experience the cleaning benefits of using a power washer when you have something to clean off. This could be a roof, a patio, a house, or any solid surface that needs a good scrubbing to get it clean. You definitely don’t want to use this as a means of hosing your kids or pets off.

The concentrated stream of water can strip or abrade skin in seconds! The best power washer for patios will clean your dirty patio in minutes, making it sparkling clean and pleasant place to spend time outdoors in the warmer months

Don’t Use One On Your Car Unless You Have The Correct Tip!

Neither should you use your top rated pressure washer with detergent for washing your car unless you have the kind of tip that allows this type of activity, since the increased psi can be very harmful to skin and paint. We’ll go into that a little more later on, but for now just keep in mind power washing is primarily for cleaning off surfaces that can accept this kind of pressure without suffering any undue harm.

Removes Flaking Paint, Moss, Mold, Dirt And More

Normally a power washer can be used to take off loose flaking chips of paint that are hard to reach, moss that clings to a roof or anywhere else on a home, and just plain old dirt that accumulates during the year.

Depending on how stubborn the material is that you’re trying to wash off you might only need to hit it with the spray, which is the less forceful part of the washer’s emission and is less apt to take off the more stubborn substances that can accumulate.

More often than not those areas of a home that don’t receive as much sunlight, or walked on less frquently will experience a buildup that is great enough to demand the use of a power washer.

Driveways, Patios & Roofs Build Up The Worst Debris

Driveways, patios, and roofs are notorious for being the dirtiest parts of a home’s exterior, and are at times very tough to clean.

This is when you want to get in close with the washer, not so close that you jam the tip against the surface, but just close enough that the concentrated fan of water is able to really connect with the surface and begin to scour away the filth.

If you’ve never used a washer before you’d be amazed at how easily 2400 psi can strip moss from a roof or mold from a patio in seconds.

The force of the water as it comes shooting from the wand is great enough that can in fact cut through most anything that it’s set against, which means you need to be extra careful when using this machine around others.

The Upkeep Of A Power Washer

Keeping a power washer clean is easy. Every now and again you might run into a job that requires you to get a bit dirty and in the process get your tool dirty. The great part is that you can clean of the tool with relative ease. One thing you need to make certain of however, is to not blast it clean with the gun.

Care For The Hard Working Engine

Keep in mind a power washer uses a working engine and as such that engine is made of metal components. These engines tend to get very hot when they’re run for a period of time, and by blasting the engine block with cold water you could possibly cause your engine to warp or even crack under the strain of rapid cooling.

While it’s a risk, not a foregone conclusion, it’s still considered wiser to wait until the engine cools. Then clean the machine thoroughly to insure that all moving parts are able to function freely without jamming. You want to make sure the engine is kept clean and free of any obstructions.

In other words, treat this machine like you might treat your lawn mower, or even your car, and you should be just fine.

Pros And Cons Of Using Hot/Cold Water

Typically you’ll be using cold water with a good power washer for home use, as it is simpler to gain access to and doesn’t require anything other than attaching a hose to the spigot and then to the washer. Here are a few pros and cons however of using both hot and cold water with a power washer.

Benefits of Using a Power Washer For Cleaning Cars

  • Hot water is much more effective at cleaning away dirt and other related filth and offers a deeper clean than cold water. Hot water power washer reviews are extremely positive on the fast cleaning power,especially when combined with detergent.
  • Cold water is easier to gain access to.
  • Hot water makes it possible to power wash in nearly any weather as the blowback is not an icy spray that can numb the user.
  • Cold water is easier to pump through the machine.

  • You either need to buy a machine that can regulate the water temperature or run the hose directly from the hot water faucet.
  • Cold water isn’t quite as good as hot water when it comes to cleaning surfaces, but it does the job
  • Hot water will force the water heater and the washer to work that much harder, thereby running the risk of burning out an element.

Tips And Brands

The tip you choose to use on your power washer makes a difference in how well the job gets done. The job at hand will determine the tip you will need. Some produce wider fans that are less intense. Others create narrow fans and even streams that are used to pinpoint stains and deliver the best clean possible. There is even a tip that can be used to wash cars due to its innovative design.

Most tips will be able to fit any standard power washer fittings, and many washers actually come with a full set of tips for beginners. A few such tips include:

1) Karcher Foam Nozzle

This tip is designed to work with electric power washers and can be used with detergent concentrate to help wash down your car, boat, or any other vehicle you need cleaned.

2) Briggs & Stratton 5 in 1

This single tip is meant to produce the same stream of five different tips in one neat little package. Just adjust the setting as needed and get it done.

3) Apache Orifice Quick Disconnect Spray Tip Kit

This is the fairly standard kit that most gas-powered power washers will come with, featuring five different tips that can be used for whatever type of job you need.

4) Briggs & Stratton Quick Connect Turbo Spray Nozzle

This tip is engineered to clean any surface nearly forty percent faster than a regular tip. It’s no more powerful than other tips, but it is useful.

Some of the better brands of power washer that are compatible with most tips are Briggs & Stratton, Generac, AR Blue Clean, and Karcher. These brands have been seen to be the most reliable and the most popular among homeowners.


Keep in mind that power washers are not toys and are not meant for anything other than the purpose they were built for. While some tips can dial down the harmful effect of the washer it’s still not recommended to play around with this tool. At max power the fan of a power washer tip can cut through skin, damage wood, and even split apart concrete if the user isn’t careful. So it’s best to exercise caution when using a power washer to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Concluding Thoughts On The Benefits Of Using A Power Washer

A power washer is a great tool to have considering that it can clean anywhere around a home or a car depending on the tip you use and the care you take with the job. Be sure that you get to know your tool and what it can do before using it and enjoying the many benefits of using a power washer.

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