Cordless Chainsaws

battery powered chainsaws review

5 Best Battery Operated Chainsaws For Home Use: 100% Cordless

What features make the best battery operated chainsaws for home use so useful? No pull cord start, self oiling bar, battery charges last for up to 18 months, quiet to operate….. These small battery powered chainsaws may be small- they pack a punch for the home user male or female

Do You Want The Best Corded Electric Chainsaw For Home Use?? Our Buyers Guide

If you aren’t keen on buying a gas powered chainsaw, a good quality corded electric saw for cutting trees is the next best DIY tool for men & women. Here is a selection of 6 of the most powerful small electric chainsaws on the market currently. They have plenty of safety features and can cut good sized logs up to 18″ in diameter depending on wood softness. Plus, they are much safer to use!

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